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How to Setup Microsoft office 365?

Office 365 is a well-known application which is extremely popular not only in the industrial market and business level but also it is useful in every household. With office 265 package you get a vast range of services you can customize & set up it according to your choice & need. This application makes many tasks easy & quick. It is a cloud-based application so you won’t have to worry about the device. As you can sync & access your data from any place and any device.

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Follow these steps for the installation and setup of the MS Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Account Setup & Installation

Follow these steps for Microsoft office 365 desktop setup download to installation.

  • First of all, merge the Office 365 with your Microsoft account & in case you don’t have a Microsoft account then create a new account.
  • If you already have an Office account linked to your pre existing Microsoft account then proceed directly with the installation procedure.
  • Now open My Office Account page and Enter log in details on the given page.
  • Click Install to begin the installation procedure.
  • Now installation for the 32-bit version of Office will start on your PC using the language you selected while redeeming the product.
  • If you want to install the 64-bit version then you have to change your language or select other options.
  • Then in your web browser, click on the install option from the pop up that appears and click Run, Setup, or Save option, depending on the browser you are using.
  • Click yes to start the installation of Office and once completed select All done.

Microsoft Office Online:

This is an online office suite designed by Microsoft to enjoy creating and editing files using web apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote,, OneDrive etc. While using these applications online, users can also download and install them on their device. Using Microsoft Office Online, you can open, edit documents, create presentations on PowerPoint, write Excel documents etc. It can also render the created files into pdf format right from the Office Online. Using Microsoft Office Online is supported on browsers like Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome latest versions, Safari etc. Check out the Office 365 products in details with the details added below.

MS Office 365 Products:

MS office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that offers various offers to the users for easy work. Office 365 adds new ways of creating files right from your device irrespective of your location. Its products will let you know what actually Microsoft Office offers its users. These are the list of tools that you need for your daily works to get accomplished. For the best experience, I suggest you download the premium version of MS Office 365.

For Home:

Under this category of Office 365 products, you can find the details with regards to pricing, for households, for individuals purposes etc. Office 365 can offer something great with unexpected outputs. using this, service to turn your work into digital drawings using the pen option in powerpoint. Add 3D animations or images to your work so that it attracts the clients and audience. Editing or review or deleting data is much easier than the older versions of Office. If you are looking for household plans then it is available to share with your family. Which means all the office apps can be used on 6 devices using one subscription. First, you need to choose a plan, purchase it and then download the respective version on your PC or Mac.

For Business:

The price ranges for business and home will have much difference as they perform differently. It is your choice to choose any packages based on your work and organization. Every package does not include all the apps in it, so choose the apps that you need. Not only these but you have to check whether this version of MS Office supports your device or not. Check out the features and other options available with your business package while purchasing one. You can make a one-time purchase for one PC or Laptop.

Choosing this service for business purpose can offer plans related to small business, Enterprise, Firstliner Workers, etc. You can easily safeguard your data, work better, build your business and much more using small business package. All you need to do is choosing the right product for your small business or enterprise. Each plan for business tool offers various features and storage. Make sure whether the chosen pack will fit your work environment or not and then add the plan into your cart.

For Education:

If you are willing to choose MS office for Educational purpose then you need to confirm whether it is for School or student and teachers use. Office 365 is open for all kind of user but offers various plans depending on your category. Surprisingly, this service is available free of charge for student and educators usage. Just provide the valid email details and school information to enjoy using it. Once you download the software, you can access it from anywhere or any device using the details provided. This process can save your money and at the same time, you can access all applications for free. Office learning tutorials will help you in guiding how to use these applications ob your device.

The free productivity tools available for school students and teachers can help you in making creative output easily. Sign in and provide your details to enjoy using Gmail at school for free. Check out the official page of Office 365 and know the required information from them. This tool will be helpful for schools to improve teaching and learning.

MS Office Applications:

Microsoft Office Suite has featured a few applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint etc for PC, Laptop, Android, and iOS device users. You can download any product from online but make sure all the list of applications are accessible or not. If you are particularly looking for any application, check with your subscription whether it is included. These applications will be useful for one and all for at least once in a lifetime. Know the importance of each application from the list of points stated below.


All the Microsoft Office products can be downloaded on Android and iOS device at free of cost. Using this service, you can access Email, Calendar, Contacts in one place. You can also share documents or any kind of attachments right from your Outlook app. The best way to organize a conference and share your Calendar directly to track RSVPs. One need not worry about the security of Microsoft applications because they are provided with end to end encryption facilities. You can even add your travel and billing details so that it reminds you to keep the things on track. If you don’t have an Outlook account then create one now.


Using OneDrive is the best way to store media, share and get access to your files from anywhere. You can protect your work and at the same time work together with anyone using office 365 tool. It is not easy to store each and every file a hard disk device to access files. You can directly add files to OneDrive and access them from anywhere. You will never get interrupted when you have OneDrive application installed on your mobile or PC device. Scanning receipts or sheets at work, editing, creating, sharing files is much easier. Choose the plan that supports OneDrive application in Office 365 plan and then purchase it.


MS Word is the most commonly used application for writing any kind of document in the preferred format. From its release to today, MS Word is made available in various versions. Most of the people love to use MS Word 2007 version as it is user-friendly and can be used by anyone with ease. The latest versions of Word is added with few more features which makes the previous version users get confused to use it. Not only writing but you can also add images to elaborate the discussion and make the readers understand easily. Autosave feature will help you in saving the document if you have saved the file to your device. Start with where you have stopped to write endlessly. You can download Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016 and other latest versions through online sources.


MS Excel is also another software program from Microsoft Corporation that helps users in creating data in required formats and calculate them directly using the spreadsheet. You can find the rows and columns added in the sheet where your data should be added. Providing an accurate formula for your calculation will help you in getting the result to any other related similar values. The best way to save your time by making your work easier and faster. Also, picture your data using charts and graphs. You can share the sheets and also work together on one platform at a time by providing access to others.


This is the only best software helping the users in creating amazing presentations using different themes. Many organizations and individuals got benefitted using Microsoft Office PowerPoint suite on their PC and Laptop devices. Surprisingly, PowerPoint is made available for Android and iOS users too. Now you can directly create presentations right from your mobile device. Choosing the right subscription for your work will take you to download a suitable plan. Using PowerPoint Office suite, you can add beautiful designs, 3D models, different icons etc to your presentation.

Your ideas to create a different story like no one created yet using this service will portrait you like a Pro. You can also give access to friends or family who has a valid email to share and work together. Edit, create, copy, share your files from anywhere using Microsoft Office PowerPoint. This is what helps you in getting applause from someone for creating the best output of your work. Download the required version of PowePoint software (PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2016) so that you can work on it with ease.


OneNote is a Microsoft Office suite designed for gathering the information which is typed or handwritten in the form of text, drawings, clips, audio files etc. Any note written by OneNote user can be shared over the internet. It is easy to divide the pages into sections and organize them in notebooks. Just make your thoughts noted on OneNote and make them better using highlighting or annotations etc. While creating your notes, share them and ask someone to collaborate with the work.

It is much easier to sort any content across your Notebooks, sections and also pages. Now you can easily point out things using stylus or finger to make your work easier. Insert any images or files or audio clips to your notes and have access to them from anywhere. This will be much useful for teachers to make a work plan in the form of digital notes. Download OneNote now from authorized sources so that you will not get any issues while working on it.


SharePoint, a product of Microsoft Office 365 subscription available for purchase right now. Using this program, you can share, manage content, gain knowledge, find information. collaborate easily, work with the team and much more. Share your files from anywhere and have secured access to any files with SharePoint. This product is mainly designed for sharing the files stored using OneDrive or any other storage unit. You will be on the safe side even if you are sharing files out of the organization with the help of Office 365 PowerPoint.

Now you can find any author, update the files and save them directly to OneDrive or SharePoint. Highlight or annotate the content whichever you want the other reader to go through. Share the information or engage in a topic and let your employees or co-authors have a look at the data. Get started with SharePoint Training to have deep knowledge with regards to it. Use SharePoint online without downloading the software on your device with the help of a web browser.

Microsoft Teams:

You can now take your ideas to the next level using the team meet hub in Office 365 Software. Choose the right place, make decisions, work as a team so that you can achieve the aspired output. Communicate with your team members with group chat, online meetings, web conference, free calling etc. Share the work files in the form of the Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint documents and work together. Customize the apps whichever you want to use and it can help your work to run at a fast pace. Make secured connections and have control over the content shared with the team members.

How can I get MS Office for free?

Instead of purchasing the software from official sources, people always look for “How can I get MS Office for free?”. MS Office is available at free of charges for Schools and Students. By providing your details like name, email, school name etc, you can download any version at zero cost. There were some illegal sources where you can download MS Office without paying any amount. But there is no evidence that it will work smoothly without any issues.

Try office 365 for free to enjoy using MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and other related software. One can make use of Office 365 free trial pack and then uninstall it. Few people always install and use this trial pack with a different Microsoft account and uninstall it. Sometimes doing this may result in losing the access to download Office 365.

Download Office 365 for Android:

Now working is not just limited to Laptop or PC, as an Android device plays a prominent in making your work simpler. If you are willing to work from anywhere then download Office 365 for Android. Follow the steps given below to download Microsoft Office 365 on your Android mobile.

• Firstly make sure that your device has enough space to accept the installation of apps from the Google Play Store.

• Search for Office 365 app in the store and then tap on the appropriate application for your search.

• When you tap on the Office 365 app to download, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the app.

• On accepting the terms and conditions, Office 365 will get installed on your Android mobile.

• Now sign up for a new Microsoft account if you don’t have any.

• Login to your Microsoft account by providing the details if you have already created.

• Now you need to choose the trial pack or switch to any subscriptions to enjoy using the products of Office 365.

Download MS Office 2019 Latest Version for free:

If you are downloading the outdated versions of MS Office, you will encounter many unknown issues while using the products. To overcome these errors, I suggest you download the latest version of MS Office from the official store. One who has purchased the genuine pack from MS Office providers will get the latest version. If you are habituated to use the older versions of MS Office then you may need to check out whether it is working or not. MS Office 2016 is the latest version of MS Office available online now. Download it and login with your account details to use the student version at free of charges.

Download MS Office for Windows 7:

After Windows XP, Windows 7 is the most user-friendly software used by many people all over the world. After the release of Windows 7, much other software like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 etc came into existence but the craze for Windows 7 has never lasted. If you are one among the Windows 7 user then you will love to use MS Office 2007 on your PC or Laptop device. However, you can download the latest versions of MS Office for Windows 7 also.

If you are looking to download MS Office for Windows 7 then check out the versions available.

Microsoft Office 2007 64 bit for Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2007 32 bit for Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2013 64 bit for Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2013 32 bit for Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2016 64 bit for Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2016 32 bit for Windows 7

Download MS Office for Windows 10:

As MS Office has cloud access, you can make changes to your documents at any time using your Microsoft account. The latest buzz revealed that not all the versions of MS Office are compatible with Windows 10. If you are trying to download MS Office for Windows 10 then check out the available versions. It is tested and said that Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, and Office 2010 are working well for Windows 10. All the versions prior to MS Office 2007 are not working on Windows 10 Operating System.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Use of MS Office?

MS Office will be useful for all streams like students, schools, office, company environment etc. I have stated the usage of each MS Office product in detail so that you might have understood how and where these products will be useful.

Can I edit MS Office files using Google Docs?

Yes, it is possible to edit MS Office files in google by linking the files to your Google documents. You can easily make changes to the file using an online editor and save

it to Google Docs.

Can I download older versions of MS Office?

You can download the older versions of MS Office but not all the versions will work on your Windows OS. Some versions are compatible while some are not. So do check out the working version of Microsoft Office before you download it on your device.

How long Can I use the Free version of Office 365?

Office 365 one month trial version is available for all the users so one can download it to use for these days. If you are downloading the student version, you can enjoy using till the time period mentioned.

Microsoft Toll-Free Number:(+1) 844 577 2999

In case of any issues or queries, feel free to make a call to Microsoft Toll-free number i.e 1800 102 1100. Or else, you can also contact the team by sending a message using the Microsoft Support.

Final Words:

Hope you have gathered some knowledge regarding MS Office and its products from the above discussion. Check out any information related to Microsoft and its products at this portal.